About Us

Headquartered in Virginia, Loudoun County Public School today by no means requires any sort of introduction. This school has been offering superior-quality of education for a while now.

LCPS always cares for staff and students. This is the reason that we have introduced the LCPSGo login portal to make things easy for both of them. Registering on this portal implies making things easy to a considerable extent.


With this portal, both, the staff and students can sign in to their respective accounts and access crucial information regarding various aspects.

What more? Well, this portal just demands a simple sign-in in order to be used. If you are someone who is associated with LCPS by any means, you simply cannot miss out on registering here.

Loudoun County Public School understands the efforts it takes for both, staff and students to access things. Hence, it has made an effort to make everything available in one place and has succeeded to a great extent.

LCPSGo Portal

LCPSGo is purely meant to make things easy, and that too securely. If you haven’t used the services of this portal yet, you are missing out on a lot.

The portal comes with extremely high encryption that makes sign-in secure for every member using this portal. Please note that the services of this portal are available only on www.lcpsgo.com. There is no other web address of the portal available.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, visit LCPSGo.com and register yourself on the official LCPSGo login without wasting even a moment. This portal has a lot to offer and by using this portal, you won’t regret it at all.

In case, you face any issues with this portal, you can reach out to the school management team and get them resolved.